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Diaper Cakes For Baby Shower


If you want to impress a new Mom – To – Be at the baby shower party or any other baby party occasion, beautiful and sweet diaper cake will be the jaw opening, practical and amusing gift that every future mother and father will accept with a smile. Besides the initial applause that your diaper cake idea receives at the party, the gift will definitely be used to the last “piece” by the happy parents appreciating your creativity.

Hosting a baby shower?

Did it happen to be that you are going to be hosting a baby shower for your close one? You have ordered food, fancy plates, and invitations. But what is missing? Gorgeous and decorative diaper cake would be perfect for baby shower centerpiece. At the same time it will be a useful gift for Mom – To - Be. Our diaper cakes are made with variety of colors so it will go with any baby shower theme.

Size one diapers

Yes, newborn diapers are adorable and so tiny, but many babies don’t wear them very long. That is why we use Pampers or Huggies size 1 diapers for our diaper cakes, which fit babies up to 14 lbs. At least you’ll know it will be used. It is your choice of diapers. Hint: look at the mom's to be baby registry to see which diapers she chose. It would be a shame if mom wouldn't be able to use her preferred diapers for her newborn. If you choose to go with Pampers, you’ll receive diapers with wetness indicator.

Buy with confidence!

You can expect your diaper cake to arrive looking beautiful right out of the box. Our professionally made baby cakes are very securely constructed and hold up very well during shipping. None of the diapers are damaged when making our diaper cakes. We never use glue or tape! So don’t worry, all the diapers and all decorations will be fresh and ready to use.