Preparations for the coming of a baby into this world are one of the most exciting things that future parents can experience. They read all the books and a whole bunch of websites about baby care; they consult friends, doctors, anyone who has children. They decorate the room for the little one (s), making it as lovely and adorable as possible. Mommies buy the best child care products, they do everything they need to properly prepare for the birth of their precious baby. A Mom – to – be heart is filled with joy and anxiety, because that baby is going to change things “a bit”. Finally parents want to celebrate this wonderful event and baby shower parties are the best way to do that.


Baby shower celebrations are unique in many ways. One of them is giving gifts for to the baby who isn’t born yet, and nothing can beat baby diaper cakes that are one of the most special and unique gifts, always bringing big smiles on future parents’ faces. Traditional cakes will be eaten or half eaten and forgotten and the baby will not get any benefit from it. On the other hand, unique baby shower cakes made of diapers will amaze and surprise and bring benefit not only to parents, but the baby as well.


Our mission here at shop is to make and present you the best hand made diaper cakes for baby boys and girls that every Mom – To – Be would love to have. Our beautiful cakes resemble traditional (eatable) cakes in every way: they look delicious, fresh and made with love, but don’t be deluded, as those are lovely diaper cakes, unique and memorable gift for the Mom – To - Be.

Our attractive and practical diaper cakes for babies make wonderfully unique new baby gift! Express your congratulations to the new family and help out with diapers at the same time! Use it as a centerpiece for your next baby shower or give it as a gift!   We offer 2 to 4 tier cakes that come in different themes, styles, decorations and ingredients. Most of them are even specifically designed for different genders, in case you already know if it’s a boy or a girl. We also offer decorate it yourself cakes, giving you the opportunity to choose your own dressing, toppings and cake add – ons and to prepare the gift in your own way that future mother will certainly going to appreciate.


We use Huggies and Pampers Stage 1 Diapers, which fit babies up to 14 lbs, it is your choice. Hint: look at the moms to be baby registry to see which diapers she chose. It would be a shame if mom wouldn’t be able to use her preferred diapers for the newborn. All diapers are fresh and ready to use. We use brand new baby socks and bodysuits for decorations, which is very useful during the first months when the baby is born. Our diaper cakes are all about the baby. All of them are hand made, so every cake has a lot of love put in to it!